Clicking on popup balloon message, fails to login to owa

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Clicking on popup balloon message, fails to login to owa

Post by adr132 on Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:58 pm

When clicking on a the new message notification balloon, the app tries to log into owa with username and password, but fails. If I enter my password manually after the failed attempt, owa will log in successfully. Not sure why the auto login is not working, any ideas? Notification is working well, and my password is enter correctly. Is it possible that I misconfigured something? Using Windows XP and IE 8, Exchange 2010. Thanks!


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Re: Clicking on popup balloon message, fails to login to owa

Post by admin on Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:11 am

Ok, try this sequence.

1. Close OWAtray and start up IE. Type in your OWA url manually, e.g.

2. On OWA login page, ensure 'This is a private computer' is selected.

3. Enter username &
password and login.

4. In OWA go to Options, Settings, S/MIME and ensure that the S/MIME control has been installed. If not, install it then restart IE and reconnect manually to OWA. Accept any warnings you get about using the S/MIME control. Otherwise come out of Options back to your inbox.

5. Now start OWAtray, make sure all your connection settings are valid and that you have selected the relevant version of Exchange from the 'Exchange Version' menu. Click Save then click Start. Check that OWAtray connects to Exchange correctly and all the reported settings look OK.

6. Now, from the Advanced menu select the 'Login Automatically' option and again click Save.

7. Optionally at this point you may want to make OWA Default from the Shell Integration menu if this is of interest to you.

8. Close all IE windows if you have them open and minimise OWAtray.

9. Now double-click the OWAtray icon and IE should startup and log you in automatically. If IE takes a while to start the first time then this may not work. Simply close IE and try again - it should work the second time as IE will now be paged in memory and start much faster.

10. Assuming this now works then other features like clicking on a notification bubble should also work for you.

The above need only be done once and subsequent sessions should login automatically for you.

Let me know how things go.
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