Unable to get OWA Tray to connect to company server

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Unable to get OWA Tray to connect to company server

Post by mafeu on Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:31 pm

I'm trying to use OWA Tray v3.4 on Microsoft Windows Professional 7 but I'm unable to get OWA Tray to connect to our company server.

My company recently changed to Exchange 2010 (I suppose it's service pack 2)

In the Basic Settings I entered my email adress (in the format name@server.com) and gave my username and password with which I can logon at the OWA Start screen through the web browser. Further basic settings are:
- Auto discovery enabled
- update intervall 5 secs
- Exchange 2010_SP2 (also tried Exchange 2010_SP1 and Exchange 2010)
- Office 365 not checked

When I now press start, the connection fails with "
The Autodiscovery service couldn't be located."

So I disabled Auto discovery and gave the following extended settings:

- Server: our.server.com
- use windows domain credentials unchecked
- Description field and Windows domain field empty
- OWA URL checked with https:/our.server.com/owa/
- EWA URL unchecked with empty field

This fails with : "
Request failed. The remote server gave an error (404) not found"

Actually I only know of the OWA URL offered by our company, there is no EWA URL I know of. If I check the EWA URL field and give the same URL as in OWA URL I get

(440) Login Timeout instead of (404) not found

What is strange is that the program expects a EWA URL of https://our.server.com/ews/exchange.asmx

which is not existing at our company server.

For both auto discovery enabled and disabled I had the following activated in the Expert Menu:
- overwrite autodiscovery check
- use default web proxy, as there's a squid proxy (version3.1.10) between my computer and the internet

I hope, somebody can point out what I'm missing.



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Re: Unable to get OWA Tray to connect to company server

Post by admin on Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:30 pm

Hi, the best tool for figuring out what the settings may be (assuming your sysadmin can't/won't help you) is this site,
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